Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Teds tag along on a baptism visit

You know that something is either very right or very wrong when you walk into a house with two Teds and say “They are just following me around for the year. Can we grab a picture?” and the reply is “Yes fine.”

Anyhow the Teds came with me when I went to visit a young couple who wanted to book a baptism your their son who had been born a few months ago. There are many ways that this could meeting could have been done but having had four little people of my own I remember how hard it is to get them and all their equipment anywhere so I always choose to go out to do baptism visits.

We had a good natter about life the universe and everything, we agreed a date and time, and I left them with some homework regarding the service itself.

I like this part of my role.

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