Parish of Coity, Nolton and Brackla with Coychurch

Penny Pere in Bridgend

Penny’s pilgrim adventure began with us before Christmas. Here she is with her Vicar, Rev’d Maggie, helping her to judge the Christmas Tree Festival held at St Mary’s, Nolton. She chose this tree because it was created with plastic bottles and it made a powerful statement about how we need to do our best to refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle or rot our waste. Penny suggests that this year’s must read should be ‘Zero Waste Home’ by Bea Johnson.
Penny visited our Healing Service one Monday morning. As she has very wonky eyes (and also needed some surgery on her legs, poor love), she prayed for herself as well as all the sick in the Benefice. Come and join us every Monday at St Mary’s, Nolton at 10am for the Eucharist and laying on of hands with anointing.
Penny also came to the Pilgrim course, as she herself is a pilgrim. We meet on Sunday afternoons for gentle Bible study and the sharing of our collective wisdom as we journey together. There is always tea and biscuits for fellow travellers. Penny wonders how far she’ll have to walk to burn off the chocolate and toffee digestives!

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