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More Penny Pere

Rev’d Maggie was at a Standing Liturgical Advisory Committee meeting today in Shrewsbury and left Penny Pere at home. She was totally miffed when Maggie returned with this photo!! Tedi Pererin came with his friend, Rev’d Dyfrig. The day was spend discussing new liturgies and listening to a presentation by the Venerable Mones Farah on ‘Informal Liturgy’. It was all stimulating material and good thinking matter for how the clergy can bring the liturgy to life and effect a sense of God’s presence through Word and Sacrament.
Here’s Penny looking at the documents (huffily, because she could see that it was a very interesting meeting).
‘It’s not fair,’ said Penny. ‘I hope something interesting happens at the Rectory this evening to make up for this. ‘

Yay, it did:-) Penny met lovely Sadie and her fiance, Ashley, who came to discuss having their banns read.

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