Parish of Llansantffraid, Betws & Aberkenfig

Masked and ready

Tedi Su with mask 1

Following her first Sunday back in Church last week, Tedi Su and her new friend Bridget Bear have decided to better prepare themselves to be out and about during this global pandemic.

It has been a sad time for the Vicarage bears – they’ve missed all the visitors that used to come and spend time with them (and Rev Suz of course).  And whilst they’ve enjoyed the Sunday worship, it’s just not the same as physically being with people.

The little teds know that they are fundamentally people bears.  They’ve been thoroughly miserable not to have seen anyone and haven’t had any adventures at all throughout the Lockdown.  Worst still they’ve had to keep out of the Vicarage Cat’s way!

Tedi Su felt guiltily triumphant on Sunday as she drove off with Rev Suz and the family – particularly when she looked back to see the Vicarage Cat scowling on the drive.  No more miaowing to announce his arrival during the Eucharist!  He’d just have to be content at home and watch the service back later.  After all, it’s not the end of Online Church and perhaps that’s not a bad thing, she reflected.

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