Bridgend Deanery Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Teds see how the Diocese really works

How do you run the Church in Wales? Chop it into parts and call them Dioceses.

How do you run a Diocese? Chop it into parts and call them Deanery’s.

How do you run a Deanery? Chop it into parts and call them parishes.

After explaining that to the Teds the Llandaff Diocesan Standing Committee meeting made a bit more sense. It’s a gathering of a clergyperson and a real person from each Deanery along with some other really important people from the Diocese like the Bishop.

The Teds observed lots of interesting subjects like – How is the 2020 year going? How is the Five Year Vision going? How is the money situation? What shall we do about this area of parishes and what shall we do about that area of parishes? Are we doing what God wants?

It sounds dull I guess but when you are there it is interesting watching how the team keeps the good ship Llandaff afloat and on course.

Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

The 2020 journey begins

This picture was taken at the United Churches of Pencoed New Year Service on 5th January 2020. There is Ted obviously and there is me, Rev Ian, trying to take a selfie and failing miserably. I’m wearing a turkey hat on my head as its Christmas and we are gathered together in the Pencoed Welfare Hall representing all the Christians from all the churches and chapels in the locality.

We were not many on that day but we had a really good sing song and ponder of the bible and spent some time praying to God before the obligatory buffet.

More as it happens

Rev Ian