Parish of Llangynwyd with Maesteg

Lent Lunch – Who Gains?

Vicar M said that Lent was not just about giving something up but also taking something up. So the catering team are doing a good deed by feeding us and by turning up and making a donation for our meal we can in turn give money to charities and those in need. What a great idea – caring for your neighbour as well as getting to know each other a little better. Win Win, says Christopher.
Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Teds do Lent Lunch

Through the season of Lent we have a midweek gathering of food fellowship and fun. People bring soups and breads and puddings (we have small portions as its lent) and we munch our way through them and give an offering to charity.

We remember Jesus temptation in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and remind ourselves its good to be frugal for a while as we live like kings and queens in this part of the world compared to some of our sisters and brothers in other parts of the globe.


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