Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

A baby a baptism

For the first time since the first lockdown back in March 2020 the Teds got to sit in on a Covid secure baptism preparation meeting.

Despite all the rules and regulations the bears helped plan the special occasion which has been waiting in the wings for months.

Are these the first green shoots of recovery?

Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Lockdown brings us together

Lockdown the sequel is upon us in Wales and it seems to be making all kinds of people look at he world in a different and a new way. People are beginning to look local and see what they have to be thankful for. I even caught the Teds and the dog having a chat earlier.

What next? Who knows? Check out our website to see when we are open next and what is going on as this Pilgrimage 2020 year comes to an end– its all changing every week now:

Keep safe

Rev Ian

Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Teds make a new friend

The big plan for this 2020 year was the Teds would get to meet new people every week or even every day but when lock down came in March that all changed and now the bears are lucky if they meet somebody new each month!

However today Zaria came along to say a prayer and met Ted1 and Ted2 for the first time. The Teds shared their rations with her in exchange for a photo.

If you want to come say a prayer check out our website to see when we are open – its all changing every week now:

Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

Teds on parade

Teds came to the ATC squadron with me again in what is being the new normal of virtual meetings. They sat and watched as the squadron got to grips with a quiz I had found on Covid-19.

Why a clergyman doing a quiz and not talking about God? Well I was interested in what ‘truths’ the teenagers had picked up from the media about Covid-19 and wanted to make sure they were informed and not scared.

We then had a discussion about highs and lows of lock down of which there were thoughts from both sides of the equation.

Parish of Llansantffraid, Betws & Aberkenfig

Exploring the Vicarage under Lock-down

It’s been a strange time for Tedi Su what with all this talk of Lock-down and Rev’d Suz having been unwell.  The peace and quiet of the Vicarage has been replaced with family members having to work from home for a while.

So Tedi Su went to see what Dr Phil was up to, hoping she might be able to help him.  She soon discovered that the only way she could help was by leaving him alone to get on with his work.

Undeterred, the little bear went on to the next home office where she found a makeshift newsroom.  Could she help uncover some big news she wondered?  At least she hadn’t encountered the Vicarage Cat on her travels!