Parish of Llanilid with Pencoed & Heol-Y-Cyw

New Year. New outlook?

The Teds came along with me to private prayer this weekend. There were a few people who came to sit and enjoy the peace of God’s house.

The Teds were asking me what this year has to entail as there were so disappointed last March when all their traveling stopped.

I told them that whatever happens they need not worry, God is in charge.

I think they understood but like all of us they just want to go down the beach or have a good singsong in church again. hey ho!

Parish of Llansantffraid, Betws & Aberkenfig

A busy morning in Aberkenfig

It was an early start for Tedi Su as she accompanied Rev Suz to the leaders’ meeting for prayer and fellowship before heading to St John’s for their mid-week Eucharist.  Tedi Su was happy to ‘look after the biscuits’ as volunteers set up the church hall ready for Saturday’s Lent lunch.

Parish of Llansantffraid, Betws & Aberkenfig

Hospital visits

Visiting Beryl in POW

Tedi Su was glad to be able to help cheer up some poorly parishioners when she went hospital visiting with Rev Suz.  She was happy to have a cuddle from Beryl and was very much admired on the ward.

She was very sad though to find that some of the parishioners were too poorly to notice her and she had to content herself with a seat at the side as Rev Suz prayed with them.